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About Us

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DeJuan Ellis Sports Performance Training gives youth, high school, and college athletes the tools needed to improve strength, endurance, speed, power, and flexibility. Every movement, exercise and stretch we use during training is designed to enhance your athletic abilities, pack more power into your personal talents and strengthen areas of weakness.  Our Sports Performance Training is designed to help athletes become bigger, faster, and more explosive.  Our mixture of high and low impact plyometric training, slow and fast twitch development, and explosive training is designed to help athletes better prepare for the next level. 

All training is located at our Charles County location, Monday through Friday from 5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.  Athletes must arrive by 8:00 pm.

Sports Performance Training with DESPT:


Speed & Agility
Strength & Conditioning
Resistance Training



Our youth sports performance training helps young athletes focus on developing foundational athletic skills while improving the young athlete’s self-confidence. This program has been proven to enhance speed, agility, coordination, running technique, strength, flexibility and injury prevention. Young athletes will be challenged in a fun and friendly environment to ensure that they are engaged and motivated. 

            MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL

​DESPT build athletic skills in teens by applying an innovative approach to training that has developed countless elite-level athletes. Workouts build on a solid athletic foundation.  Our training teaches athletes how to develop game-changing speed and agility, and a strength component that will make any athlete explosively powerful, functionally strong, and exceptionally conditioned. Whereas many programs only improve performance in the gym, our advanced training deliver results that transfer to where it matters most – on the field, court, or track.

            COLLEGIATE & PRO


DESPT breaks through your athletic barriers focusing on speed and movement, while enhancing your collegiate/Pro strength program to maximize your training results.  We provide peak physical stimulus that pushes the absolute limitations of elite athletic performance. DESPT places the highest emphasis on applied and measurable performance while fine-tuning movement and mechanics.   ​

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