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Sports Performance Training

All participates will receive one hour of training. Sports Performance Training improves strength, endurance, speed, power, and flexibility. Every movement, exercise and stretch we use during training is designed to enhance your athletic abilities, pack more power into your personal talents and strengthen areas of weakness. Participants must bring their own water bottles/gatorades.

Ages: 7 and Up

Days: Monday - Thursday

Time: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Registration Fee (New Members): $15 

Fee: $150 Per Month

All new members register below.

All existing members click here to make your monthly payment. 
Sports Performance Training  Registration

The one-time registration fee of $15 is included in the first month's payment at the time of registration.

Your registration is complete. Thank you for registering for the Cardio & Ab class! Bring plenty of water to class.

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